Return to increase loyalty

In January American Tech Giant companies such as Microsoft, Tesla and Apple announced good financial results. Google is about to announce it next week, I’m sure it will have good financial results. The stock price of the US has fallen considerably like a falling knife…

Beginning of the fiscal year for almost all companies is April in Japan, many U.S companies start the fiscal year in January. So Kick-off meeting is also held in January. It is held virtually under COVID-19, but an in-person event before Corona. Each region’s employees gather in one country of the region or all employees gather in the same country which has headquarters. I heard from some stories before, I felt this event cost a lot of money through real experience. Of course a Japanese company held it in Japan.

Kick-off meetings at U.S companies include drink parties, novelty and the smartphone application which is the same as public events. They spend money. On the other hand, Japanese companies are very serious. They have a tendency not to spend money on something that is not directly related to work. I think this difference doesn’t depend on how much profits they make, it depends on company culture or company awareness.

There are pros and cons to which one is better, needless to say I prefer…

One company rents a high grade office building as a workplace. When this company was acquired by a large company, it was said that “Why do you rent such a high cost building? Do you think its cost was wasted?” CEO of acquired company said “It’s necessary to hire excellent employee, they are very interested in not only that our company gives but what kind of environment they can work in”

Many people say, “If the company itself is attractive, the loyalty of employees to the company will increase even if they do not do that.” Of course, needless to say, corporate initiative or your job are more important. However Japanese companies are so serious, and the larger the company, the less return to employees other than salary. For example, I feel that the U.S companies are generally more conscious in terms of education for employees and work environment. In short, I feel a lot of returns other than salary.

There is talk of job-based employment in order to fight in the world, but nowadays I feel that if Japanese companies fight globally, you need to devise ways to increase employee loyalty from that perspective.

If the company goes bankrupt, we’ll get absolutely nothing out of this. 

I hope that COVID-19 goes away soon and you can communicate face-to-face easily.

Thank you and good luck  on your encounter with a company.


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