Why provide diverse services?

The Apple Event was held on September 7th.

Smartphones haven’t evolved much (although there are rumors that the addition of functions was intentionally suppressed to keep the price down), but I wanted an Apple Watch that fully supports underwater operation.

When I look around myself, I am completely covered with Apple products. Previously, l used both Windows and Mac as laptop, but only MacBook. There was a time when I used cheap Android smartphones, but now I’m an iPhone only user. Watch is Apple Watch after NIKE Fuel Band and Fitbit. Recently, I’ve been thinking about transferring Evernote to iCloud’s Note, which I feel has a lot of performance and functional deterioration. . .

Looking at such an environment, I remembered the churn rate of mobile.

As you know, over the years, telecom carriers have gone into banking business, electric power business, and other services that are completely unrelated to telecom services. What are your thoughts on that?

One of the main reasons for this is to prevent cancellations. There is actual data that the churn rate is lower for those who subscribe to multiple services.


Doing new business services has the aspect of diversification of management, but have you ever thought that there are services that are not so different from other companies? It’s the same service, but it’s the same company’s service, you can use a common ID, you’ll get more points, and you’ll have one bill. You often use services from the same company.

You used to see a lot of comparison sites for population coverage or communication speeds, but now we don’t see much of those comparison sites. I think it’s a matter of course and it’s no longer a point of differentiation (Although it is very difficult to build network). There is also the aspect that telecommunications carriers provide new services in order to protect their most important telecommunications business.

I once saw a famous person who was active in a certain telecommunications company make a comment that “Communication service companies should concentrate only on their original communication services” I think it is difficult to differentiate with a service that has become obsolete, and it is difficult to innovate. The iPhone has not seen any noticeable evolution these days.

when providing your own services, it may be important to think about Upsell businesses that are linked, not just a single service, but a linked.


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