Don’t point out, Guide

There is still a lot of communication through online tools, but I often feel that it is difficult for the other person to understand my opinion, probably because communication with only voice or words occupies the majority.

When I look back on myself, I often point out the mistakes of the other person directly. This is wrong, you should fix it like this. It is often shaped like an Objection. If the other person has a flexible way of thinking or is willing to take in the opinions of others, the story will often go smoothly. However if you are confident in your own way or if you get older and you will be selfish, it is often difficult to receive the suggestions of people, including myself.

In such a case, I think it is important not to point out the mistakes of the other party directly, but to show the way and guide the other people to what goal they should go to. If possible, you run in parallel there.

If you point out only a specific part, it is usually only that is corrected. And after all all the points are corrected one by one. By sharing the goals to be pursued, it is possible not only to correct pinpoints, but also to review the entire path for that purpose. For example, if there is an explanatory material for someone, if you take the style of pointing out a part of the slide that is a specific part and correcting it, you have to point out all the parts.

If the other people can be aware of what the purpose of the material is, they can correct various mistakes by themselves.

If you know what you are doing your current job for and why you are doing it, you will make fewer mistakes. If possible, I think it is necessary to guide people to acquire the attitude of searching for a goal and thinking about the way to that goal, rather than simply teaching them about that goal. It will take time, but from a future perspective, It seems to be a long way, and it will be a short way.

Thank you and Good luck on good synergies.


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